Bienvenue à Puerto Aventuras Riviera Maya

Bienvenue à Dolphin Discovery Riviera Maya

Profitez des expériences avec 3 espèces différentes dans une oasis tropicale!


Interact with sea lions at Dolphin Discovery Riviera Maya

The paradise island of Riviera Maya has tons of activities to do for guests who are in search of a thrilling experience and the time of their lives. Dolphin Discovery Riviera Maya is the best place to interact with different species, among them are the sea lions.

These marine mammals are known for their energy and the joy they bring to people when they see them walk and play. At our facilities, our beloved sea lions are waiting for you to visit them to share their happiness and give you a memorable experience.

You’ll definitely be charmed when you hear them sing and watch them dance. More charming than this will be the possibility to touch and hug them.

With the Sea Lion Discovery experience, you’ll get the unique chance to interact up close and personal with these fantastic creatures. You’ll be amazed by their skills as they jump out of the water to impress you.


  • Free jumps
  • Sing & dance
  • Swim by
  • Hug


  • Manatee Interaction (15 minutes)
  • Sealion Interaction


  • Showers

  • Pool

  • Drinks

  • Lockers

  • Restrooms

  • Buffed

Live yourselft and this fantastic experience and get yourself the opportunity to enjoy.

For more underwater fun, youcan snorkel to observe our breathtaking stingrays and be amazed by their majestic look and interact with one of the most docile creatures of the world, our chubby manatees!

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After this exciting activities, you can by riding a bike and taking in the colorfull nature of the place, swimming in our amazing infinity pool or just lay down by the pool or on our comfortable lounge chairs and take a warm sunbath. Don't forget to enjoy the delicacies from our buffet menu and national open bar at our VIP area. This is the program to make everlasting and cherished memories!

Book now, stop imagining and start living the experience!

Not Included:

  • Dock fee of $240MXN payable at check-in.

  • Children over 3.3 ft pay dock fee.

  • Ground transportation $16.00 USD.

  • Photos of your experience.

  • Other activities in Riviera Maya.

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Si vous venez avec des mineurs:

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  • L'utilisation de gilets de sauvetage est obligatoire dans tous les programmes aquatiques, sans exception.

  • L'utilisation d'appareils photo dans l'eau est interdite.

  • Tous les participants doivent mesurer au moins 3,9 pieds pour effectuer les activités de plongée avec tuba.

  • Nous n'acceptons que les espèces en pesos mexicains, nous n'acceptons PAS les dollars américains.

  • Il est important d'arriver 30 min. avant votre programme, vous recevrez un bref briefing avant votre baignade.

Condition spéciale:

Si vous avez un problème de santé ou physique, veuillez contacter notre centre d'appels avant de réserver votre réservation afin que nous puissions vous fournir des informations complètes sur nos services.

Femme enceinte:

Les femmes ayant moins de 5 mois de grossesse ne peuvent participer au programme Rencontre que si elles sont accompagnées d'un autre adulte et après avoir signé un formulaire de responsabilité.

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